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DVD Rentals

Terms & Conditions

1. Amethyst Enterprises offers, as a service to its customers, the opportunity to rent some of the original training materials developed by Gary H. Craig, founder of Emotional Freedom Techniques. In accord with Mr. Craig's explicitly stated conditions, these DVDs are never sold.

2. The only rights the customer receives by renting one or more Gary Craig DVDs are:

a) the right to watch and review the videos an unlimited number of times during the rental period, which is normally 30 days;

b) the right to receive an electronic copy of any printable files associated with the rented DVD(s);

c) the right to a renewal rental period of 30 days upon request, and upon making proper payment.

3. To rent one or more DVDs, a customer may contact Amethyst Enterprises through this website or by U.S. mail at 404 Olivia Drive, Lexington, NC 27295. Payment through the website must be made by PayPal. Payment by mail can be by check or money order made payable to Amethyst Enterprises. Please do not send cash by mail.

4. Customer may rent either one or two disks at one time. However, the same rental period will apply to all disks shipped the same day.

5. Rental requests sent by mail must include customer's name, postal address, telephone number, number of disks requested, proper payment, and indication of the desired disk(s) using the identifiers found on the DVD Rentals page. (For example, "FL1, FL2, etc.")

6. The 30-day rental period is defined by the disks' arrival at and return from the address given by the customer on the order request. Disks will be shipped by USPS, with a delivery confirmation. The 30-day rental period begins on the date USPS documents delivery.

7. All currently rented disks must be returned before additional disks may be rented.

a) Disks will be considered returned on time if the postmark on the return package is no more than 30 days after the documented delivery. If the 30-day period ends on a weekend or legal holiday, a postmark on the next regular business day will fulfill the conditions for a timely return.

b) If the customer wishes to renew the DVD(s), they must notify Amethyst Enterprises no later than the last day of the original 30-day rental period. This can be done through the Amethyst website, with payment made by PayPal. Renewal requests can also be made by mail, with payment enclosed, provided it arrives before the original rental period ends.

c) Failure to return disks in a timely manner will cause the customer to forfeit rental privileges in the future.

d) If disk(s) are not returned within 30 days after the end of the rental period, plus any renewal period, if applicable, customer agrees to pay $50 damage fee.

8. Until the disks arrive at Amethyst Enterprises' office, the return is not confirmed and additional disks may not be rented. If the disks are lost in the mail, they will not be considered to have been returned unless customer has documentation of shipping the disks to Amethyst. For this reason, Amethyst strongly recommends that the customer purchase Delivery Confirmation for the return package. If customer can prove that the missing disks were indeed shipped back to the correct address, the return will be credited and customer may rent additional disks.

9. Mr. Craig's stated conditions give only the original purchaser of his Training Libraries the right to make a certain number of DVD copies, provided they are not sold. Amethyst customers do not receive the right to copy the rented DVDs. The DVDs and all their contents are copyrighted by Gary H. Craig. Copying them without permission from Mr. Craig is a violation of the law.

10. By requesting, paying for, and/or receiving these rental DVDs, the customer agrees not to copy the DVDs or the files contained therein, either physically or electronically. Customer agrees not to request or cause another person to copy the DVDs or the files contained therein, either physically or electronically.

11. In the event customer disregards this agreement by making unauthorized copies of a DVD or its contents, customer agrees to bear all legal liability and penalties, indemnifying and holding harmless Amethyst Enterprises and all its principals.

12. The information contained in these EFT videos is purely educational in nature, and is not intended to replace proper medical care from a qualified medical professional. Emotional Freedom Techniques is still considered experimental, so by renting these DVDs, each individual agrees to take full personal responsibility for their use of any information provided. Customers should consult their personal physician or mental health professional regarding use of EFT and associated modalities demonstrated in these videos. Back to DVD Rentals page

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