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Classes are usually offered as a series, with each class meeting being about 1½-2 hours long. The number of classes in a series varies by topic and title. Classes include an opportunity for students to practice tapping, while gaining knowledge of EFT and its many uses. Pre-registration is required for all classes. Present offerings include:

Introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques: a three-session series that discusses the science behind EFT, the Basic Recipe for using EFT, the history of EFT, and Borrowing Benefits. Each session includes at least one video excerpt from Gary Craig's live workshops. Cost is $60 for the series.

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Workshops are half-day events which address practical applications for Emotional Freedom Techniques. Some workshops teach EFT for a broad spectrum of issues; others focus on a specific topic. Pre-registration is required for all workshops. The cost is $35 per person. Upcoming workshops include:

EFT for Kids: Did you have a monster under your bed when you were little? What really lived in the closet? Children today grow up in an ever more stressful world. Between their lively imaginations and objective concerns—tests at school, bullies on the playground, and more—children often live in anxiety or fear. Often these emotions surface as "acting out," because children have not yet learned effective coping mechanisms. Other times, children may hold in their fear, but doing so is not healthy. Emotional Freedom Techniques gives children an effective tool for reducing their fears. Easy to learn, elegant in its simplicity, EFT can help your child cope with stressors, not only now, but throughout life. This workshop is for children ages 7-14 years, each of whom must be accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian as a fellow student. The adults' participation is important so the learning can be reinforced at home, and the pair can become "tapping buddies". Participants will learn how to use EFT to overcome emotional problems and discover peace, so they can better live out their potential.
This class will be scheduled soon. Please check our site again!

EFT for the Holiday Blues: If the coming of a holiday season brings you painful memories, anxiety, or a feeling of being overwhelmed, EFT can help. Attend this workshop to get rid of negative emotions that can spoil your holidays. Saturday, November 22, 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m..

All classes and workshops are limited to 12 participants, so pre-registration is required. To pre-register by phone, call (336) 596-0366. To confirm your registration, payment must be mailed or delivered to the Amethyst Enterprises office within 5 business days. Registration requests can also be mailed to Amethyst at 208-A West Center St., Lexington, NC 27292. Payment must be enclosed. Please make checks payable to Amethyst Enterprises.

Refund policy

A cancellation received more than one week before the class or workshop begins will qualify for a full refund. Cancellations received within a week, and at least one day before the start date for the class or workshop, will receive a credit voucher for future classes or Amethyst services. Cancellations received on the day the class or workshop begins do not qualify for a refund or credit. Likewise, no-shows who do not cancel do not qualify for a refund or credit.


Lectures are opportunities for groups, from professional associations to civic clubs and churches, to learn about Emotional Freedom Techniques. The topic can be negotiated so as to address particular interests of your group. Past presentations have included:

"Painless, Drug-free Relief from Tinnitus": presented to the N. C. Regional Chapter of the Acoustical Society of America, Spring meeting, Cary, NC, April 12, 2013.

"EFT—A Means for Healing, a Path to Peace": presented to the Western North Carolina Civitans Officers' Wives, Winston-Salem, NC, August 10, 2013.

Other suggested topics include "Banish Fear of Public Speaking," "Letting Go of Grief," and "The Biblical Basis of Emotional Freedom Techniques."

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