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DVD Rentals

When EFT Founder Gary Craig began teaching his revolutionary method for addressing emotional issues, he recorded his workshops on video tape. These tapes, and later DVD compilations of the tapes, were used as training materials. When Gary retired in June 2010, he discontinued production and sales of these videos.

Even though Emotional Freedom Techniques continues to evolve, many people still value the teaching Gary presents in these videos. In addition to providing a strong foundational knowledge of EFT, any of them can be used effectively to experience Borrowing Benefits. Two of the disks, comprising 15 videos, were originally edited and sold specifically to facilitate Borrowing Benefits.

Because these valuable learning aids are no longer available for sale, Amethyst EFT offers them on a rental basis. Each disk contains between 3 and 8 videos, varying in length from 30 minutes to over 2 hours. Disks can be rented singly or in pairs for one month, at $15 per disk plus tax and shipping. Disk rentals can be renewed once for an additional month, provided payment is received by the original due date. (See our Rental Terms & Conditions.) Further rentals depend on the return of all earlier disks.

Gary himself strongly recommended that a learner watch the videos in the order presented. It is particularly important to have a strong foundation in EFT before attempting more advanced techniques, especially with difficult issues such as abuse. Therefore, while Amethyst EFT will rent the Foundational Library disks to anyone, the Intermediate and Honors Libraries are restricted to customers who have already rented all the disks in the Foundational Library, or who can document that they are already certified in EFT by one of the three internationally recognized organizations that offer standardized EFT training. These organizations are EFT International, the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP), and EFT Universe.





Where to Start?

The Foundational Library contains six DVD disks and one CD with printable files. Upon receiving payment for a customer's first rental, Amethyst will electronically transmit the related file from the CD. For disks 1 - 2, that file is the EFT Manual, the written portion of The EFT Course. This permits the customer to begin studying the EFT Manual even before the DVD arrives. The first two disks contain the videos for Gary Craig's original EFT Course, Parts 1 and 2.

The next two disks contain the videos for Beyond the Basics (originally titled, On Becoming the Ultimate Therapist). The last two disks contain The Palace of Possibilities. Upon renting either or both of these disks, the customer will receive electronically the printable file that accompanies it. (The printable file constitutes the handouts Gary used when teaching this workshop live.)

The EFT Course:

Disk 1 (Item FL1)
Disk 2 (Item FL2)
* * *
Beyond the Basics:

Disk 3 (Item FL3)
Disk 4 (Item FL4)
* * *
Palace of Possibilities:

Disk 5 (Item FL5)
Disk 6 (Item FL6)


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