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Group Tapping

Group tapping provides an opportunity for several people to work together on a common issue. Tapping together harnesses a feature of EFT called Borrowing Benefits, enhancing the participants' results.

When Gary Craig, founder of Emotional Freedom Techniques, began training others in his method, many of his students were already practicing psychologists, social workers, and life coaches. As they incorporated EFT into their existing practices, they were surprised to find that their own issues improved while they were tapping with their clients.

Borrowing Benefits appears to occur even when two or more people are tapping on different issues. Also, the effect is present when a person taps along with an EFT video. By offering Group Tapping, Amethyst EFT makes the power of Borrowing Benefits available to more people than could be scheduled privately. Group tapping also makes EFT accessible for those who cannot afford private consultations.